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Rooter Service

The term rooter service is generally used to refer to any plumbing maintenance service that involves the cleaning of drain and sewer pipes. Originally, the term was coined with reference to any drainage/sewer pipe repairs necessitated by damage caused by tree roots. However, it has grown to encompass any plumbing works meant to clear blockages or repair pipe breakage and slow drainage issues among others.

When do you need a Rooter service?

Sewer line and drain pipe issues do not go away on their own. In fact, when left unattended, they normally get worse with time, leading to serious problems that normally cost more and take longer to fix. To avoid such a situation, and keep your plumbing system working properly, it is best to call in a professional drain cleaning service whenever you spot any signs of trouble.

Contact us if you notice any signs of slow drainage, multiple drains backed-up simultaneously, waste water flooding in your home and backed up toilets etc.

We can help keep your drainage and sewer lines in perfect working condition with regular expert cleaning and maintenance services.

Hydro Jetting Services

Over the years, a build-up of debris, oil and overgrown roots can significantly reduce performance of your property’s drainage pipes; leading to slowing drainages. When left unattended to, such pipes may end up being completely blocked or damaged; causing more problems that require lengthier and costlier repairs.

Hydro jetting is a highly effective process of clearing drainage pipes of any accumulated debris or blockages. As one of the least invasive methods of removing pipe blockages, hydro jetting uses a blast of high-pressured water to clear any build up of debris or overgrown roots in its path. When done right, hydro jetting leaves the pipes in question as clean as new; thereby, restoring their full draining capacity.

If you are having problems with your property’s drainage pipes, contact Frank and talk to one of our plumbing professionals today. We can explore your options, to see whether hydro jetting is the right fit.

Our hydro jetting service is perfect for any situation where conventional pipe unclogging methods are ineffective. For instance, while a snaking can help unclog a serious blockage, it cannot be used to effectively clear out all of the debris inside the pipe. As such, you risk a recurrence of the problem sooner rather than later.

As previously stated, hydro jetting can leave your drainage pipes clean and clear of any debris including stubborn blockages caused by overgrown tree roots.

Video Pipeline Service

Clogged, slow running or over flowing drains are an annoyance and unhygienic. When you need sewer or drain cleaning service, we’ll be there with same day service!

Video pipeline inspection uses the same principles as when medical doctors who use endoscopic cameras. We take a small camera and run it through your pipeline to get a close up image of what’s really causing your drain’s clog. This process is neat, easy and doesn’t damage your property, and it also helps our techs really solve the problem for good!

Video pipeline inspection should be done annually by one of our Bergen County and Passaic area techs as build up can be caused from debris falling through a sink drain or even from plant roots expanding underground.

Benefits of Video Pipeline Inspection

When you have a problem in your drain system, the first step to take is to fine the source. That’s where video pipeline inspection comes in: it’s the most accurate and most cost-effective means of diagnosing drain dilemmas! Video pipeline inspection will help to take care of all of your sewer and drain pipe needs:

If you’re in need of drain service or would like to request a pipeline inspection for your home, call Frank today!

Emergency Rooter Service

he sudden on-set of sewer line or drain pipe problems can render your home uninhabitable. If you unexpectedly have backed up drains, sinks or toilets dumping waste water right into your home, because of a blocked or damaged drain pipe, call us immediately.

Our expert technicians are always on call 24/7. And, will respond to your call at any time of day or night – seven days a week – fixing any blocked drain or sewer pipes in no time, through our Emergency Rooter Service.

Contact Us For Professional Rooter Services In Bergen County and Passaic areas.

If your home’s main sewer or drain pipe starts acting up, contact us today for a professional rooter service. Our plumbing experts have the skills and equipment needed to inspect, clean or clear out any build up of debris and repair any damage caused by tree roots swiftly and reliably. 

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